Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Carrying a Work Load

The feeling of work
crawls along back
sniggers at the brain
the body feels slack.

Words are running
all around my head
and I'm painfully reminded 
of when I can't sleep in bed

There's too much
and not enough
but the awful thing is
that really
this work load of mine
is much less than some
but still feel

I need to think clearly
see myself where I am,
where I stand
and see to next week
when I'll be done
but I'm just stuck
and I feel so slow
so slow and dumb. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Copy Write

When writing
it's inviting 
to take lines from others 
maybe for ease
but more so 
because what they've written 
fits exactly what I think
but in such an eloquent way
making anything I try
nothing much
not really even okay.

If one day 
I could reach the point
of admiration 
of people wanting 
to use my words 
I can't find any 
at the moment
but it would be

Monday, 28 November 2011


Doubt is like a shadow
covering the sun 
like a stone thrown 
in to the tide
and sinking down 

Doubt is a cold gust
echoing through the head
it's a punishing force
making you wish
you were someone else instead.

Doubt is the slow trickle
of realisation
that you barely trust
let alone yourself 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Being Young

Risking glances
taking chances 
heart beat rush 
not knowing enough
feeling too much 
of the future 
what is to come 
making friends 
for the one
still like a child
but possibly
a little more wild
not wanting to grow up.

Saturday, 26 November 2011


Collecting kisses 
memories of lips
meeting mine
a smile just before
or during
and eyes always kind 
a short connection
that doesn't last long
the meaning not the deep
I wish I had someone 
where I got to keep
this feeling 
and rather than collect
just have the one.

Friday, 25 November 2011


of strangers
important to them
and nothing to you 
trying to fit pieces
and one is always gone
the bigger picture
never done. 

one begins, another stops
intelligence and emotion
soon become lost
as the heart beats
and everything is sweeped
suddenly finding the fragments 
becomes less clear 
and I'm just happy
to be on my way here.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

What Would I Do?

I will walk through the night
I will use anything I might

until I find the one I seek
until they become mine to keep
until the cold becomes warm 
and I feel that I belong.

I will walk through baking sun
looking around for the one 
the one that is meant to be for me
the kind of love 
that is written through history.

I will through the depth of cold
if it means I would find
someone I can grow old, 
with - a someone who is kind.

Though I could walk

and though I could search
perhaps I'm not meant to 
and we'll just find each other
rather than just me,
looking for you. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I Can't Sleep

So I was still awake at half 4 in the morning yesterday, that was fun -.-  blahblahblah, I'm tired -.-
Yup, there's me. I took a picture so I had proof I sat on my floor at half in the morning, using my chair as a table so I could use my laptop. Don't I look happy. 

Compare the 2 pictures xD
Aha oh dear.

Sat on my floor 
no longer caring 
what the time is any more
eyes are strained 
as is the brain 
I'm wondering if I'm going insane 
thoughts not walking
but sprinting all around
I feel trapped

there's not enough room
between the ceiling and the ground. 

Thoughts of love
of a hazel gaze
of the future 
how I'll spend my days
of wanting to create
an idea that hasn't been done
but really
the most important one
why can't I sleep?

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

City View Cafe

Alright, it's kind of calmed down now and with it being 23:31 - gives me time to actually write a decent poem.
(deleted what it said, it was pretty much a few words that rhymed)
And no picture today, tried to make one with my words. 'Cause I'm awesome
(and lazy) 

The sky turned from the palest of blue 
to a smudge of lipstick pink 
then to grey 
and then to black 
with as if someone had breathed
smoke from a cigarette 
a cloud floating along 
outlined by the amber glow
of the street lamp down below 
looking slightly alone 
and out of place 
but nonetheless full of grace.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Being Called Beautiful

Being called beautiful
feels like a lie
because I've been telling myself 
every time I look in the mirror
and see a glimmer 
of potential 
something pretty
I shoot it down 
eyes back to the ground
and forget what I saw.

But now?

I've been complimented 
maybe by a stranger
where's the danger
of blurred alcohol vision
but a compliment still 
and it makes me feel 
something I thought
I never would 
and I still that I should
not think this way
but appearance wise,
dare I say?

I kind of feel . . . okay. 

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Life, Meaning, and Trying Not to Moan About It

In the grand scheme of everything
the universes, galaxies 
and account of all of history 
does my, one life, have meaning?

Most likely no.

But what about narrowing it down?

Starting at my feet on the ground
and revolving around
the people I care for 
and perhaps just stopping at
the people I've talked to
and they've remembered me. 

So then,
life and meaning doesn't seem 
as such a tragedy 
and really
it's about my friends and family
that's what means the world
to me. 

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Toothbrush Embrace

Bit of a story as to why the picture is a bit shit. The whole reason I wrote this poem was because of something I saw in my bathroom. So I took a picture on my phone - and despite multiple attempts could not upload it to my laptop. So took a picture of a picture with my webcam. Realising now, could of just used a camera. Oh well, it's done. 
I want with you
a tooth brush embrace
where we look towards one another
oblivious to the world
because we're just here
with nothing else in our sight
and side by side with you
everything would feel alright. 

Friday, 18 November 2011

Writing World

I can only give 
what I have
I can only take
what I need 
I can write 
what I know
or what I wish
or anything 
that lays between.

It's not so much control
but finding myself 
within my soul 
discovering what I like
what I wish to happen 
trying to make people read
what I see. 

When I write
the world stops
while I create my own.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Walking Through Autumn

Hello :)
As ever, thank you for reading this, win points for you.
I was just wondering if I could ask you (if you don't mind doing s0) to leave a comment saying which country you're from and how you found this little page of mine. This isn't anything like getting more comments will get me more attention or anything like that, it's simply me being curious :')
I'd be really interested in your answers! 

Leaves brush the streets 
boots and laces round my feet
a brisk wind caresses my face
while colours begin to change and race
green, orange, yellow, then brown
let's see which will be the first
to touch the ground. 

Sky wrapped up, all in grey
keeping the snow out at bay
coats begin to spring all around
like flowers from the bud
and we're all acting 
as we know we should,

Heads down
layers on 
it's time for us
to just keep moving on.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The One

How do you know if you've found the one?
or if you found one at all?
Does your heart knock at your chest,
wanting you to notice this person
above the rest?
A smiling with a certain look?
Someone harder to read 
than the most complex of books?

If you see someone you notice 
but never see again
what if that meant to happen
and you've missed your chance?
Or perhaps people like me 
just read too much in to a glance. 

I'm not really looking for the one
but I would love to find 

to know the feeling 
and be content in state of mind. 

Another relationship based poem. Ops. Sorry, just been thinking about this sort of thing a lo t o.o (but not about the relation ship poem posted a while ago) Oh and I'm editing this about 1 in the morning after posting it on my phone earlier. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Just Another Love Poem.

There are plenty of poems 
that are all about love 
to be honest,
there are probably 
far more than enough.

I can't say that I have written

my fair share
since I haven't really
felt the feeling 
I wouldn't know which words
to put where.

You can read all you want to

paint pictures in your mind 
try and imagine 
but really,
and I know this this much to be true
you won't know
what love feels like
until it happens to you.

Monday, 14 November 2011

I Feel Small

I have a place in this world
it's minuscule
and I don't really know 
where exactly I fit 
maybe that's meant to be
the exciting bit. 

 Kind of short but it's purposeful, I don't know, more impact? That's what I was aiming for. 

Sunday, 13 November 2011

An Unexpected Visitor

I love these pictures (Pon and Zi)
You were in my dream
I didn't expect to see you
I thought what I'd began to feel 
was finished, through and through. 

I don't know if you look at me 
from across the room 
sometimes I like to think you do 
in the dream you were 
and talking to me too.

Your tone and eyes were kind
your face always looking to mine 
and it was a startle to realise
it wasn't real 
and also, 
that this is how I feel. 

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Beginning for title :) 
ps the picture is from a music video - This Love- Like A Million Lights.
The chorus has the word beginning in and I thought of it a lot when writing this. I love that song :')

Something new
we haven't really started yet
opportunities hidden 
we don't know what's coming 
but we have to move forward
to keep our story going 
our lives flowing 
because with every beginning
and every new chapter
we take a leap forward
never really knowing 
what will happen 
but hoping in the end 
it was worth it. 

Friday, 11 November 2011

A Moment Over a Picture

A camera tries to capture 
a moment in time
with technology and a click 
it's there in a photo
a solid memory,
I can hold it, it's mine. 

But here 
where I am now 
we don't take pictures 
posing with plastic smiles 
ready to be put straight on file.

We're just in the moment
soaking it up 
and I make a plea to my brain
that my eyes and a camera
could be the same 
so I can look back at this time
maybe not with clarity
but more of a blissful blur
because we were too busy having fun
to stamp our pictures to the world. 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

I Value

The feeling of acceptance 
lack of self conscious 
and being drunk enough to dance
of an idea being created
feeling successful, esteem elated. 

The hug of a loved one 
which is never unwelcome 
laughing and thinking I won't stop
drinking tea when it's good and hot.

Getting lost in the world of a book
a smile at a strange with a second look
a comfortable silence 
a gentle kiss 
and simple things, 
things like this
just thinking 
with plenty of time
to wonder what I like
and wonder what's mine.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Looking Back at the End of the World

If the world were to end tomorrow 
I assume most people would be 
afraid as a lost child in the dark 
full of sorrow 
at the things they haven't done 
worrying over 
if they've haven't embraced life
had fun,
others may regret
that they didn't create enough
times they wouldn't want to forget.

As for me?
Of course I would see it as a tragedy
but looking back 
there are times of regret
times of smiles 
and all the while
knowing I have people 
and memories that we've shared 
it's not a life time 
but I hope it would be enough
to get me through 
if I knew, that the world
would end soon. 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Reunion Hugs

A loving embrace
no need to think of that face
I know it well 
and I can tell 
or anyone who cares
that words cannot share
what hugs like that feel like 
I hope you know
the feeling yourself 
otherwise you're putting your heart
upon a cold, unwelcome shelf
instead of bringing it out
for friends or family to share
letting them know you love them
letting them know you care. 

Monday, 7 November 2011

England Sunshine?

The world through the window
is smothered in grey
but I know that it will be okay 
because just for now it's winter time
and soon, once again
the sun will shine 
though really this is England 
and I'm just saying that
so I can rhyme. 

Sunday, 6 November 2011

At the Station

I'm in a funny state of mind
of when I get lost in the ways
of human kind
noticing habits 
then I skip a few steps 
and how soon that I forget
what I first saw
and instead I get lost in
not really our flaws
but more how we all act
under the skin,
really underneath everything
we are all just the same
trying to get through this game
the best we can
and all the while
trying to understand
what we're here for. 

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Whispering Thoughts

The whisper of a thought
barely a breath upon the brain
it's not driving me insane 
merely making me wonder
how many thoughts I've missed
how many come and go
without letting me know.

Have I missed an idea
that was barely here?
Forgotten a fact 
because I was distracted?
I don't want everything
to disappear like that,
I want to try and grab it all
because it's me, my thoughts,
my world. 

Friday, 4 November 2011


Comfortable with all
Noticing peace and

Even when
Nothing is left
There is still this.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

We Get On

I know what this is 
just a girl 
and a boy 
getting along 
conversation flowing 
and knowing 
that we're just friends
new friends,

I'm keeping my thoughts slow
not saying go
to anything 
for once
I'm just waiting
before picking up the brush
and painting 
romantic pictures.

I'm just going 
to wait and see
what will happen
to you and me. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Advice From My Room (Post 3 today)

Annddd finally, post 3, to make up for the lack of a poem on what will be the 1st of January 2012. This poem is piecing together phrases from looking around my room. 
Yeah.... I really need to do some actual work today. 

love etc.
true match
like this
keep it unreal 
get involved 
keep in touch 
know your limits 
along for the ride
never shout never 
we are story tellers. 

Boxed In (Post 2 of Today)

So this one is kind of for the 1st of January where there was no poem and just an introduction. 
Anyway, I went on a creative writing trip in year 12 and was quite proud of some of the poems I wrote. This is one of them :) No picture because it wouldn't be the same box that was the inspiration behind the piece. 
And yes, admittedly I haven't written it this year but I've posted poems I've written in the past before. It still is a poem, written by me :')

Boxed In

I remember being held
in a nervous,
salty, sweaty hand.
Being opened
a gentle whisper as my
lid was lifted.
Revealing the silver circle
with its diamond hat.

Oh, it was romantic.
How she ran into his arms
How he breathed in her
rose perfume, spinning her round
and round in the moon lit streets.
That's all a distant,
memory now.

No longer do I keep company
with jewellery or a silk lined
suit pocket.
Now I'm in a wardrobe
kept in the dark with the
giant shoe boxes.
The other abandoned fellow brotherin
of gifts to her from the past.

The smell of lavender pot-pourri
surrounds me more than the darkness.
My hinges
once pristine
now battered, creased in to
an ugly grimace.

Tidal Wave of Time (Post 1 of Today)

I realised that on the 1st of January I didn't actually write a poem, it was an introduction to what I'd been doing for the year.  Recently I thought that on the 1st this year, I would write a conclusion ish ... thing. Mmm details.
But this leaves me 2 poem short of the 365 mark (correct me if I'm wrong)
Though I will have posted on here everyday, I still think I'd like to say I wrote a poem for everyday of the year. Which means I need 2 extra poems. 
So today, mainly because I have time on my hands (and avoiding a philosophy essay) I thought I would post 3 mini ones.
Wahh long introduction, sorry. 

It's coming 
no longer lurking 
no longer stalling 
but running
and faster
faster still 
nearly knocking 
me straight off
my feet.

The future 
weeks passing like days
what if right now
is soon to become a haze? 
I'm trying to enjoy
while I can 
but the future is coming 
time is taking it's stand. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Blossom Kiss

No picture, if I write poems about my dreams I don't tend to like having one because it doesn't match the one in my head. 

It was the sweetest kiss
his lips like a blossom 

pressed just against mine 
his eyes were brown
so deep, and so kind.

We were sat down in the street
 I leaned my face to his 
and knew I was his to keep 
but I woke up
and realised I had been asleep. 

His face is blurred 
lost in my dreams 
I wish I could find him
but I don't know if he's real
it just feels as if he is
because of that tender
blossom kiss.