Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Wasting Away

When I'm older 
I want to be me
not like them
still passionate
not tired
not resting
but living
the smaller things

When I'm older 
I want to be alive
not wasting away.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Lost Thought

Every wrinkle of the brain
seems to be filled 
with a line of thought
be it an idea
a memory
a fear 
a desire 
a fact

I travel along each crack
picking up this 
but get distracted by that
It's hard to keep track. 

I don't know what I'm loosing
because I'm too busy

Sunday, 29 May 2011

State of Mind

Teeth coated with the taste of last night 
the head does not feel quite right 
I'm trying to write in longer lines
and even harder, trying to rhyme.

This poem is in bits and not lots of sense 
I apologise but I am feeling a little dense
my head is filled with so much stuff 
some good, some bad, enough is enough. 

Media, essays, thimbles, pens, rain
Drama and how nothing will be the same
I'm trying to search through it all to find
my right, my usual, state of mind. 

Saturday, 28 May 2011


It's hope
in humanity
that we still,
despite it all
look out for
each other
like a sister
or brother 
not for reward
or for own
but simply
its the right
thing to do. 

Friday, 27 May 2011


Our lives are important to us
and those who are in it
but to outsiders
it's nothing
you could even say

And to other countries
the world
the universe
we are not a blink
or even an eye lash.
But to survive
we can't think
like that.

So let's think smaller
and focus on
those who make
our own world

Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Near Touch

Heart beat picking up
a rhythm
it hasn't had in a while 
eye contact
then a smile
and then another 
Did I just make you laugh?

Fingers achingly close
to yours 
but not holding them 
we're not anything 
but in my head
painting romantic pictures
with the smallest
of details 
we can be something. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Leavers '11

trying to capture them
with a camera
smile .

This is the end
of us
of what we've been
for two years
or for some seven 

With our hoodies
and our books
our looks
of smiles and tears 
of friendship
or breaking apart 

This place will hold 
a place
forever in my heart. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Monday, 23 May 2011


When did the taboo of alchol
become the foundation
of having fun?
When we were young
we needed ourselves
and not much else
now we're grabbing 
from a shelf
desperately at a bottle
wanting to put our hearts
in to full throttle
as we become older
we loose the ability 
to loose ourself.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

She Turns

She turns 
as easily as a flower
does, towards the sun
as an eager reader
turning the pages
of their favourite book
as leaf on a branch
in a gust of wind. 

She changes
like the seasons
adapting to whichever
situation suits her best 
Being with certain others
and ignoring the rest.

She's your closest friend
the person you fear most
she has your secrets 
in her lap
ready to spill 
in one easy move. 

Saturday, 21 May 2011


The world didn't end to today, good stuff indeed. Probably should be doing something better than watching an incredibly shitty film avoiding an essay/revision.

has an ending
except a sausage
which has two. 

Friday, 20 May 2011

Carried by Ears

What's that little sound?
It's a secret
Can't you hear it?
Trailing along
in a whisper
only to be picked up
by a certain few
and then held
in their ears.

If it was heard by all
then surely it wouldn't
be a secret
but something more
vicious instead. 

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sharks in the Deep End

When I was younger
I feared sharks
in the deep end of the pool.

I sat on top of
the washing machine
to see dad
when Harry fought Voldemort.
inside Hogwarts school. 

I left a can of Pepsi

when a wasp climbed in 
and always avoided 
them swarming around
an open top bin. 

Scaring me isn't too hard
I can easily 
be caught off guard 
but maybe
if I have friend, 
I can take the plunge
in to the deep end. 

PS - Note of interest. The swimming pool in the picture was the one I went to when I was little  :') 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Yup, oneword.com

The image is from the marshmallow test - they're told if they wait they get another marshmallow. It's a very sweet (pardon the pun) video. 
Though slightly mean, I suppose. 

One more drink 

Something you shouldn't
or you don't need
but you want to
really want to 
It beckons a finger
calling you over 
whether you fight it 
or not
that's a whole other poem. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I think I can be too open
not with my heart
nor with my legs
but within conversation.

I say things
that don't need to be said
not mean
or degrading
but personal
to me,
Almost as if peeling
open my skin
and letting people see

Allowing myself 
for judgement
I can't hide
just be found
not my secrets
but just my self

I'm out in the open
with my words
and for others
to shoot me down. 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Sarah's Poem

For Sarah. 
I stole her hair clip. 

I don't think I've said
how often you've cheered me up
when no one else did
or how you're there
when I need you
and you know
just what to say

This is kind of tricky
since we're not the kind of folk
who compliment 
we're more the type to joke
but yet
I wouldn't ask for it
any other way

Love you. 

Sunday, 15 May 2011


My friend got me poetry magnets as a late birthday present. Now I have a baking tray of words in case I ever stuck =]  This poem is made of some of those words 

lets be happy
always young
shine like a golden summer
only sleep and dream
after a beautiful day
bloom in the night
with the moon. 

Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Ellie Poem

Because I know 2 other Ellie's who I love to pieces =]  I wrote this in the back of their maths book and promised I would post it on here. I know at least one of them will be reading this and I just want to say thank you for not only for reading my blog but for being such a lovely friend. 

We are called Ellie
our friendship more durable
than a farmer's welly 
We are tasty
like jelly
(mmm baby) 
We have lots of belly
(you thought I called you fat)
Love forever
because I'm gay

Friday, 13 May 2011


Depending on others, 
on others 
not necessarily 
all of the time
but when it reaches
the point of despair 
where you can't see 
anything else 
not even the person
you're leaning on

Just stuck in the darkness
and you can't depend
on yourself,
that's when vulnerability 
throws you
in to the stormy weather
of desperate company. 

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This is what happened yesterday -.-

Hence why there was no blog. However, I can assure I did write one, I just wasn't able to post it. 

Note the date of the word document..... Anyways here is yesterday's poem.

Old Man Time

Time drags it feet
shuffling along the pavement
painfully slowly
like an old man
lost in the memories 
of decades gone by
it stops to tie its laces
before continuing 
no hurry to get anywhere 
not today.  

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Writer's Block

Cement in the mind
stopping thoughts
anything really
other than mediocre
Boredom strolls along
plonks itself down 
at procrastination 
the two smugly grin. 

Fuck off 
writers block. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

LUPUS (and an unrelated poem)

I can't really write a poem on lupus since it's a disease and I'm not good enough at science to link the 2 but please please click on the link and spread awareness. 

Anyway. The poem for today (which is completely unrelated) 


I want you to be mine
but that sounds
like a claim 
and anyway
you're already
someone else's.

Maybe I'm just 
over thinking
but were you leaning closer
after we'd spoken?
Was that smile there before?
And like an immature
school girl
did you mean
for our arms to brush?

Maybe you would
like me if you were single
Or maybe
most likely 
it's all in my head
and you'd always
choose her
over me,

Monday, 9 May 2011

Get Well Soon

I will try to say more
than get well soon
I will try to say more
than feel better
I will try to say more
than thinking of you.

I suppose 
I'm just
trying to say
you've been there for me
and I'll try
to be here for you. 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

This is for the Rejects

I know I said I'd try not to whine so much about appearance on this any more but I wrote this after talking with a friend yesterday at a party yesterday.

I'm ugly
nice to meet you. 
Don't feel the need
to look at me
too long, it's fine
I don't think you need
or want my name,
Go to talk to my pretty friend. 

This poem 
is for the ones
in the shadows
hidden in the glow 
of beauty
the ones who are looked at
in desperation
a last option
not much attention 
just eyes 
glazed over
with too much drink

This is for the ones 
who are alone
we still stand
take my hand
and we will try
to move out of 
the shadows
and in to the light.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Tell it to the Wishing Well

I won't waste wishes
nor will I whine
you know the kind
of thing
revolving around

I'll accept a penny
to throw down a well
I'll blow a dandelion
or follow a shooting star
but to you
and you
I'll try keep it to myself
for petty problems
don't need to fill up
other people's time. 

Friday, 6 May 2011

Finding An Idea

Like a wave
gently kissing the beach
but rolling back out
before making
much of an impression

An idea strolls across
the edges of the brain
but walking away
before the mind
can take hold
and remember it

Lines of poetry
characters for a story
labelling a feeling
all come
but then soon go
as if they were never there
like a beach
with the tide out.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


A punch in the face
making you wince
a kick in the leg
making you stumble
a pull of the tongue 
making you fumble 
a ripple in the stomach
making you feel sick
a wipe of the hands
making them slick

look down
and find somewhere
to hide
from yourself
and from 
everyone else. 

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Bare branches
to buds
to blossoms
to leaves
back to 

I'm not a tree
and I don't think 
I need poetry 
to say this 
let me try
and explain
the simile.

Change happens
but I think
I'm happy 
with changing
I'm becoming
with myself 

I'm no blossom
not even a bud
but I think I'm doing
what I should
and accepting
not trying to run
or stop the season,
listening to reason
slowing down
and embracing
the spring breeze. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I love this poem. So much. I highly highly suggest reading it =]

you know I like fish and chips
no mushy peas

you know dinosaurs
are angry
due to their short arms
and lack of hugs

we can have fun
play games
but we're real
no charades
pretending to be
what we're not

we love Harry Potter
exploring Hogwarts
Snape's memories
but no poison tainting
our pensieve 

Because you help me find
what I lost
whenever I think
it's nearly gone. 

Monday, 2 May 2011


So it's May. I didn't think I'd be able to last this long doing this thing. My aim when starting this was to inspire and keep myself inspired. It's working =]

I find myself enjoying the scenery around me instead of looking at the floor. 

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo that says inspire - to  remind me to keep seeking it.

I have a notebook slowly becoming filled with images I find that stir some sort of emotional response. 

I plan to go to the library and try to take out all the books I have on my 'To Read List'

(I have a To Read List) 

I'm, dare I say it, but I'm kind of happy with who I am. I'm not sure if writing this has lead to this discovery. I feel like I have some depth to myself but just being 18, I know this is still pretty shallow.

I'm not happy all the time but I think I'm content for most of it. 

Alright so poem for the day. Being an internet user myself, I know the attention span is lacking so I'll keep it short for today.

Make me think
Make me smile
make the short time
we have
worth the while.
You be you
I'll be me
maybe one day
could be we. 

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Tears. Peers.

for crying.

for feeling

The vicious
of adolescence.