Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Boxed In (Post 2 of Today)

So this one is kind of for the 1st of January where there was no poem and just an introduction. 
Anyway, I went on a creative writing trip in year 12 and was quite proud of some of the poems I wrote. This is one of them :) No picture because it wouldn't be the same box that was the inspiration behind the piece. 
And yes, admittedly I haven't written it this year but I've posted poems I've written in the past before. It still is a poem, written by me :')

Boxed In

I remember being held
in a nervous,
salty, sweaty hand.
Being opened
a gentle whisper as my
lid was lifted.
Revealing the silver circle
with its diamond hat.

Oh, it was romantic.
How she ran into his arms
How he breathed in her
rose perfume, spinning her round
and round in the moon lit streets.
That's all a distant,
memory now.

No longer do I keep company
with jewellery or a silk lined
suit pocket.
Now I'm in a wardrobe
kept in the dark with the
giant shoe boxes.
The other abandoned fellow brotherin
of gifts to her from the past.

The smell of lavender pot-pourri
surrounds me more than the darkness.
My hinges
once pristine
now battered, creased in to
an ugly grimace.

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