Thursday, 17 November 2011

Walking Through Autumn

Hello :)
As ever, thank you for reading this, win points for you.
I was just wondering if I could ask you (if you don't mind doing s0) to leave a comment saying which country you're from and how you found this little page of mine. This isn't anything like getting more comments will get me more attention or anything like that, it's simply me being curious :')
I'd be really interested in your answers! 

Leaves brush the streets 
boots and laces round my feet
a brisk wind caresses my face
while colours begin to change and race
green, orange, yellow, then brown
let's see which will be the first
to touch the ground. 

Sky wrapped up, all in grey
keeping the snow out at bay
coats begin to spring all around
like flowers from the bud
and we're all acting 
as we know we should,

Heads down
layers on 
it's time for us
to just keep moving on.

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