Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I Can't Sleep

So I was still awake at half 4 in the morning yesterday, that was fun -.-  blahblahblah, I'm tired -.-
Yup, there's me. I took a picture so I had proof I sat on my floor at half in the morning, using my chair as a table so I could use my laptop. Don't I look happy. 

Compare the 2 pictures xD
Aha oh dear.

Sat on my floor 
no longer caring 
what the time is any more
eyes are strained 
as is the brain 
I'm wondering if I'm going insane 
thoughts not walking
but sprinting all around
I feel trapped

there's not enough room
between the ceiling and the ground. 

Thoughts of love
of a hazel gaze
of the future 
how I'll spend my days
of wanting to create
an idea that hasn't been done
but really
the most important one
why can't I sleep?

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