Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tidal Wave of Time (Post 1 of Today)

I realised that on the 1st of January I didn't actually write a poem, it was an introduction to what I'd been doing for the year.  Recently I thought that on the 1st this year, I would write a conclusion ish ... thing. Mmm details.
But this leaves me 2 poem short of the 365 mark (correct me if I'm wrong)
Though I will have posted on here everyday, I still think I'd like to say I wrote a poem for everyday of the year. Which means I need 2 extra poems. 
So today, mainly because I have time on my hands (and avoiding a philosophy essay) I thought I would post 3 mini ones.
Wahh long introduction, sorry. 

It's coming 
no longer lurking 
no longer stalling 
but running
and faster
faster still 
nearly knocking 
me straight off
my feet.

The future 
weeks passing like days
what if right now
is soon to become a haze? 
I'm trying to enjoy
while I can 
but the future is coming 
time is taking it's stand. 

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