Sunday, 10 April 2011

Peace (The Body Has Time)

The sunshine is wonderful for inspiration :) I wrote 3 poems today, which I've never done while I've been doing this. To make life easier for me though, I'll post them over 3 days. As you'll tell by my next poem, I'm feeling pretty mellow today.... despite work load!

It's a mood when the body has time
the pulse slows
the senses take in more
rather than the brain telling them 
to ssshh and get on with working.

The feel of bare feet on grass
a bee buzzing
running a hand through the the pond
child like
refreshing none the less
just how green a budding leaf
really is
and the smell of sap on fingers
after a closer look at it.

not with worries or stress
but ideas
underneath the skin
once thoughts are silenced 
and the body has time. 

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