Friday, 15 April 2011

Don't You Think?

I wish to be a daffodil 
the dandelion wished 
its sad yellow head
looking up in admiration 
at the glorious height 
of its neighbour 
I seem rather small
in comparison
don't you think?

At least you're yellow
and have a steam
moaned the grass 
its green blades hidden 
by the shadows of both
Green is rather dull
don't you think?

Not compared to grey
whined the pavement
its cement whirled
with cracks and chewing gum
at least people enjoy
walking on you 
every so often
don't you think?

The sun began to shine
Shush now 
focus on you
I'll focus on me
and things will be brighter
don't you think?

I know poetry is meant to have meaning for everyone so take from this what you will. 

But keep in mind so you don't have to go bat shit crazy evaluating it (you know, as you do...) I wrote it with the thought in mind that people should who are envious of others don't really think about the good parts of themselves.

Yay for being a hypocrite. 

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