Saturday, 16 April 2011

Musician Poem

Poem composed of artists from my i tunes, it doesn't make a lot of sense but it was quite fun to write :)

Get it apple? I tunes? Didn't want to risk mega copy right issues by using the i tunes logo. 

I'm feeling an All Time Low
because there are no Blue Skies
Cake might cheer me up
don't be such a Daft Punk
that advice is as useless as
trying to lick your Elbow.

Don't be Faithless 
at least you're not being eaten
by a Grizzly Bear
so let's have a Happy Monday
no need to suffer Incubus.

We'll go on a Journey
maybe Kiss
watch Little Comets fly
you can be my Muse
we'll Never Shout Never
and we'll discover an Oasis.

No need to feel low
we can relax at Port Blue
eat some Red Hot Chilli Peppers
we'll avoid the Shitdisco.

We could get there by a Train
or perhaps the Velvet Underground
we'll be honest
not even telling White Lies
no need to give me a Yellowcard
Let's just try and be happy. 

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