Thursday, 29 December 2011

On The Motorway

There were cars stretching 
as far as the eye could see
and then there was you,
there was you and me. 

The road and rain faded
along that motorway 
you help up a hand
which shone amongst the grey.

You began to write 
words, that I couldn't see
then you helped up the paper
it was simple but I was happy. 

Hi with a smiley face 
was all that you had written 
your writing neat 
and suddenly I was smitten.

Quick as I could manage

I got out my pen 
replied with hello 
in the hopes you'd write again. 

Another paper against the window
this one said I like your eyes 
you smiled with a caring gaze
and I felt complimented, though surprised.

I wrote back thank you 
and you nodded your head 
we were both still smiling 
and I knew I'd turned red. 

But all too soon 
the traffic began to move 
we became separated
and I completely lost you.
I have never seen you again 
and I'm most likely not going to 
but for that stretch of mile
we made a good couple,

me and you. 

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