Sunday, 4 December 2011

Strawberry Childhood

So I was looking back through some of my poems (it was 3 in the morning and I had nothing else to do) and I realised a lot of my poems have similar themes.
Wanting a relationship

Growing older/ the future
What I was feeling that day
Occasional ones about nature
How small our lives are compared to the universe (deep shit there) 

Pretty much, I just got the feeling that a lot of them are very samey. But I suppose after writing over 300, it's hard to keep it 'fresh.'  I'll try think differently for the last month, but I sometimes don't realise how much I've repeated myself :') 
I ate them all the time
Peter Pan
who never grew up 
the forest 
Disney films
being given
an idea of life
by a cartoon.

Happy endings 
forever and done
the bad guy looses
all was rosy 
simple and as easy
as those red strawberries.

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