Thursday, 8 December 2011

Talking About Music and Then a Poem

So yesterday I interviewed the band, Twin Atlantic. They were absolutely lovely. I then went to watch the gig at one of my favourite venues, seeing them live was incredible, it made me realise how much I've missed live music ( as well as the fact they're a very good band) 
Being part of the crowd, being part of something that goes beyond you, every one's connected by the music. It just really sparked off why I'm so interested in music journalism. Music in general really.
It's just ... an experience that you wouldn't really be able to get through anything else, I think. I know this blog is meant for poetry and I will try and sum up all this babbling in the form of a poem. I just needed somewhere to throw all this sudden realisation at how much I love going to gigs, finding bands, listening to music. If I get to do this sort of thing as a job? Just . . . wow. I don't thing there's good enough adjective to say how incredible that would be. 

Here Is Where I Want To Stay

Ears ringing
while the band is singing 
a sweaty face
and sticky floor 
drunken lads
and feet which are sore

But there is so much more
to this
the music
and the band
for where I stand 
here we all are
we're nearly all one 
connected by something
that's kind of hard to place
perhaps the word is passion
I'm not really sure,
but here is where I want to stay. 

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