Monday, 2 May 2011


So it's May. I didn't think I'd be able to last this long doing this thing. My aim when starting this was to inspire and keep myself inspired. It's working =]

I find myself enjoying the scenery around me instead of looking at the floor. 

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo that says inspire - to  remind me to keep seeking it.

I have a notebook slowly becoming filled with images I find that stir some sort of emotional response. 

I plan to go to the library and try to take out all the books I have on my 'To Read List'

(I have a To Read List) 

I'm, dare I say it, but I'm kind of happy with who I am. I'm not sure if writing this has lead to this discovery. I feel like I have some depth to myself but just being 18, I know this is still pretty shallow.

I'm not happy all the time but I think I'm content for most of it. 

Alright so poem for the day. Being an internet user myself, I know the attention span is lacking so I'll keep it short for today.

Make me think
Make me smile
make the short time
we have
worth the while.
You be you
I'll be me
maybe one day
could be we. 

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