Monday, 10 October 2011

Writer's Block in the Form of Poetry

My friend in America has entered a video competition, he asked me to vote for it and I thought his talent deserves some recognition so I was wondering - to any of you who clicks the links I post (to any of you who read this blog at all?) if you would mind doing the same. Just click the 'like' button underneath the video.
Thanks ^.^ 

Click Here For the Video 

And now for a completely unrelated poem. Yay for internet and randomness and links and stuff. 

I had an idea in my head
but am now writing this instead 

I don't really know what to put 
May there may be some poetry, afoot? 


Because I don't know what to write 

and be that I may or be that I might
I'm not even sure, if that grammar is right
so I really do apologise 
for this crock of shite. 

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