Thursday, 6 October 2011


Meant to do write this sort of thing at the beginning of the month, oh well just a few days late.
It's October. 3 more months to go, the end is in sight. Not saying I'll never post on this again, it just definitely won't be everyday and maybe not a poem. I don't know. 

Also I'm thinking of getting another tattoo when I've finished doing this. So it's a kind of during my first year of university/ to remind me I wrote a poem every day for a year (that being said, I've probably just jinxed myself. Shit.)

Anyway. Poem.

Don't really know what to write about . . . 

The light of  the stars
glow through the mist 
of grey and the clouds, 
lighting the shadows 
and skipping along
the ground 
waving to the sky 
as the moon says goodbye 
and the light is free 
to come and greet me 
the patterns spiralling 
under my eyelids 
and it not the darkness 
or sleep that I am with 
but the light of the stars 
and the wave of the moon.

Yup, title is also a Muse song. Yay Muse ^.^

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