Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nearly November

Yesterday's poem.... pah not happening. Oh well, I did say I didn't know what to expect. Not going to write a whiney poem about it because it hasn't hit that strong of an emotion. I only write sad poems when I really feel it. 

The grey cloud of the sky
sat heavily on the trees
the leaves caressed by the
blowing of the chilling breeze.

All the colour beginning to drain 
it's a sad view clogging up the brain
when the cracked and dry cement 
and the sky look the same.

Winter is fast approaching 
it's icy breath is all around 
and in the middle of it all 
is a lone and single sound 
of our heartbeats slowing down 
ready to rest our summer dreams
upon the icy ground. 

Just thought I'd point out I'm using a bit of artistic license. It's not that cold yet and I actually quite like winter :') just so you don't get the wrong impression that the cold depresses me a lot, I am a fan of the woolly jumper and what not.

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