Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Stumbling Alcohol

64 views yesterday? That's quite a lot for my humble blog, hence why I'm mentioning it. Oh and also most of my poems shall be based around some aspect of uni life for a few more days since it's what in my head the most.
Oh and the photo today is done by a girl from my old school - she is very good. If you like it check out some more of her photos in the link below. She hasn't asked me to do this, I just thought her photography deserves more attention :')

More Photos

Alcohol stumbles down the throat
I stumble down the path 
senses numbed 
but with a smile stuck on my face 
not really a sense of self 
or sense of time 
it feels as if most things 
can be mine 
because we have one life
and this is my time 
to do something stupid 
and it's considered fine.

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