Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Another Nostalgic Poem

It's my dad's birthday today (happy birthday dad) though he doesn't read this so pretty pointless thing to write. Oh well, it's a nice sentiment right? 

Anyway since I am moving to university this Sunday - ruddy exciting times indeed - I thought I could go slightly nostalgic with this thing. I've done this before when I posted a poem I wrote when I was about . . . 14 I think? But this is taking it back even further (how can you stand the excitement?) and I'm posting a poem I wrote when I was 7 - which was in an anthology with different primary school from around the town :') 

I don't think I'll put a picture on today, it just seems better to put the poem on. No idea why!

Life Under The Sea

Dolphins leap in the air
Treasure chest in their lair.
Fish swim slow and lightly,
Crabs' shell shut tightly.
Seaweed sways like a tree.
Seals jump wild and free.
Whales shoot water out.
Sand builds into a mount.
Starfish like on a rock.
Rocks together like a lock.
Killers whales catch their prey.
Little fish play all day. 
Clownfish glide and swim.
Sharks hide in the dim.
Turtles plodding on the sand.
Blue whales swim so grand. 
Angelfish glide like a butterfly,
As ships pass by
I wonder why it's like to be in the sea
To swim and be free? 

The sad thing this, this is probably better than most of my poems on here xD 

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