Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Falling in to Dreams

This is a dream I had last night - it was really vivid so thought I could try and make a poem from it :) Also since it's based on a dream, I doubt I can google a picture of it that fits the picture in my head so like some other poems on here, no picture for today so you can come up with your own.

Not quite flying
supported by a rope
vivid green trees
their leaves out of reach
star bust explosions 
of yellow blossoms
spread across the lime
green grass below.

Fear of falling
when looking down
upon the road like
river flowing below
grey, despite the
blanket of blue above.

People are swimming
some are up in the ropes
I take your hand
trying to feel safe 
fingers assured
by a strong grip
I didn't think 
I'd be here with you

We let go
but the rope lurches 
and my arms wrap
round your neck,
here I feel safest of all
when holding you
and finally I manage
to enjoy the view.

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