Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Cliché but Friendly Poem

So this blog is not to GMT, sigh, oh well this is Wednesday 24th poem.  

Oh and I shall be going to a music festival the next few days and will be bringing a phone that cannot access the internet. So my lovely mum will be posting the poems for me, the 4 of which I wrote today :) 

Thanks mum (if you're reading this) much appreciated. 

My friends 
are my second family 
I wouldn't change them
I hope they wouldn't change me

They are there,
and don't care
what I look like or if I'm odd 

I couldn't ask for more
they like me
when I'm not sure I do
and sometimes, words
are not needed 
we're just us.

I apologise for the lame and shitness of this poem but I am sleepy and after writing 200 something poems, I am running out of ideas xD I might edit this at a later date. 

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