Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Keep in the Blue

My brother wanted me to write a poem about his friend getting drunk and swimming in a fountain in the middle of York. I have no other ideas so I thought I might as well :') 

Oh and as another favour to someone (yes I am a wonderful person) my friend is selling some stuffed sock pigs on esty. They are cute ^.^ and I told her I would post a link on here. So here you go if you fancy buying yourself one.

Anyway, now on to the poem. Can't believe I'm actually writing a poem about this xD

Ripples of water
glowing blue
in the evening
the floor blurs 
as does vision.

for when you're young
this sort of thing is fine
more of a show
than a scene.

keep going
keep your audience
not your self conscious.

Little control 
not sure what to do 
not at all 
just keep going
down where it's easy
keep in the blue.

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