Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Poem From Back in the Day :')

So I just found lots of emo-esque poems I wrote when I was 14 or 15 :') Dearie me they're shit. 
I thought I'd post one of my old poems, this one is the best of bunch. Mainly because I'm not whining xD
Also the picture is taken by me, I used to do that sort of stuff a lot when I was bored. 
Well, this has turned in to a nostalgic blog post.

Watching From my Window

The clouds chase each other across the sapphire sky
The branches of trees gently waving at passers by
The streaks of white from planes interrupting the clouds
The rays of the sun giving the tops of houses a cosy glow
The buds on stems beginning to grow
A black bird chirping on a hedge
The cracking white paint on my window ledge
The boredom
The peace
The spring
The time to sit
and do nothing.

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