Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Flashes From Childhood [and a thank you from the halfway point]

trying to see over a wall
or the car seat window 
dandelion wishes 
visits to the library 
books upon books
shorts in autumn 
large chairs 
wide eyed stares
melted kitkats 
sand forts fighting 
the tide
flume in the pool
rapids outside
lost in my own world. 

PS - 23.06.11

So I just looked at my blog posts and I think this is number 182, meaning that I'm halfway through with this o.o I didn't think I'd get this far to be honest, I know most of the poems aren't amazing but I'm still quite proud for getting to this point. 

And I suppose this is kind of good poem for this fall on to (something I didn't plan) Moving from childhood innocence, to trying to capture the imagination once held so easily but now with an older mind. I don't know, I suppose I'm just trying to see the world through lots of different eyes so I don't get sick of the picture. This kind of helps for it makes it me think what can be a poem, what inspires me, what do people like...


I want to thank you, whether you're one of my friends, random internet stranger, bored browser, for reading this. I can't really believe how many countries have viewed this page! Thank you and I really hope you like at least one poem :') Feel free to stick around to see if I make it through the other half of the year. 

1 comment:

  1. I've seen some of your poem, and I don't think its boring. Although most of your poem are using simple words but I think that's alright cause at least it described what's your thinking inside your mind. I think you should keep write and improve your skill. And if you like, you should try to publish your best poem through the web(beside this blog), school magazine or something like that, so you could know how the feed back from the reader and use it for improving your skill...

    I don't intend to lecturing you, but at least that's my opinion..
    So pardon me if you don't like with my opinion..
    God bless..