Monday, 28 February 2011

Take Note Of

Here are 18 pieces of advise/information that I have managed to take note of. 1 piece for every year I've been alive, they're not in any particular order. 

Hugs are good

Do some of the things you shouldn't
rather than the ones you should

There's nothing quite like sunshine
when all you've seen is grey

Sometimes we can't be comforted
that everything will turn out OK

Bitching happens
there isn't much you can do

Brushing your foot on an escalator
doesn't clean your shoe

 A new book has so much potential 
for a whole new world to be let loose 

When hungover
there's nothing quite like some orange juice

Google is a marvellous invention

There are people who do things
just for the thrill of attention

Chocolate is fantastic 

The best kind of celebrities 
are ones that have more flesh than plastic 

Sitting inside watching the rain
like liquid mercury down the window pane

Song lyrics that describe how you're feeling
can leave a head and heart reeling 

Jogging is silly

Flowers are fragily beautiful
especially the lily 

The ringing in ears after a live band
makes life seem quite grand

Try to make the most of things
to wait and see what life brings. 

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