Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Crow Takes Flight

So I've been feeling down, as you can probably tell by the varying degree of emo like poetry on here, for quite a while. Today I feel happy, which is lovely. There are reasons for this:
  • I got an offer from my first choice university - ABB - Sheffield - if you're interested :) 
  • It's my birthday next week :)
  • Work load isn't too stressy. It's dare I say it, manageable o.o
  • Friendship drama is cooling down
This is why I thought I would do a second part to yesterday's poem. Yes, yes I am a hormonal teenager blah blah blah, my mood changes. But at least this mood change (I don't know how temporary it is) is for the better. 

The crow takes flight
leaving you behind
you feel light
not quite weightless
but still able to float

Your head is able to move back
not in to that biting beak
but in to space
thoughts and nerves have room
to breathe

A far off  caw in the distance
easy to ignore for today
just for once
things seem to be,

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