Saturday, 8 January 2011

Like a Grain of Sand

It's only the 8th blog and I am already struggling to write a poem so you'll have to forgive me if this is terrible or doesn't make much sense >.< 

Inspiration is easy to get
harder to keep
like holding sand,
it can't help but trickle
right through your fingers,
until nothing is left
apart from the mere grains.

What once was a mighty rock
has been worn away
slowly but surely
in those mere grains.

But rocks don't have to worry about
the future
or the planet.
They are the planet. 

What wears them away
is simply just water.
And even when they are reduced
a fraction of what they once were
they end up on a beach.

Perhaps we can allow
our worries
our stress
sliding away like sand in an hourglass
to become more peaceful
like the sand lying on the beach.

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