Saturday, 1 January 2011

Here Goes Nothing

So it's the first of January, first day my resolution is tested. I'll admit now I nearly forgot so the rest of the year bodes well. As to be expected, my head is not exactly feeling tip top right now so I'm afraid to say the first day of my project may not be the highest of quality but I shall try my best. 

I was thinking that rather this thing being your typical teenager ranting about problems and what not, this could be an anthology type thing. A poem a day depending on my mood with a picture to match. This idea came about by lots of little things inspiring me recently:

These things have made me realise that I want delve in to my own passions. Well, one in particular, which is writing. Hoping to study Journalism at uni, forever getting ideas for stories and attempting drafts - writing is an important part of my life. Be it creative or informative. So why not try out as many forms as possible? No poem today due to the fact this is more of an introductory type thing.

1 down. 364 down to go. Hears to the New Year.

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