Wednesday, 29 December 2010

There's a first time for everything

After reading tips on how to write blogs and basing a 2000 word coursework piece on them you think I'd know how to make this thing incredible. 
I don't.

The reason I'm starting this is because a new year is coming up and I thought I could make this my resolution. To post something every day - be it pointless, poetry or potent. For a while now I have wanted to try and express myself, to become a more creative person. The type of person with passionate hobbies and always is doing something interesting. 

Rather than saying:

"Hi, I'm Ellie. I like writing and Harry Potter. Oh and a bit of chocolate doesn't hurt."

I can say:

"Hi, I'm a blogger. Yes, yes I do express myself on the internet and  people read it. Have you seen the new - insert indie film title here -? Isn't it wonderful?"

On re reading what I have just typed, I'm not quite sure where I would introduce myself like that but you get the picture. 

So welcome to the inside of my head. I won't babble on much longer since not many people on the internet have a very long attention span. Thank you for reading this =]

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