Wednesday, 6 July 2011


All the poetry I hear or read is so beautiful and I can tell so much work has gone in to it. I feel like I'm what on doing on here can't even compare to it. I don't really have time to think the poems through as much as I'd like. And even these rushed ones mean I have less time to write or think of stories, which I kind of miss. I've got this far though, I'm going to continue, I'll try to make them better but it's difficult.

My pillow keeps my dreams
and is there to catch my screams.
My family holds on to me
and steady me on my feet. 

My camera takes a picture of a smile
but in the mean while
my friends can create one
and we can just have fun.

The grass can catch the rain
the bird can catch the worm
that right there
will be always be the same 

I'll to capture it all
and save it in my heart
so my memories and I
will never have to part.  

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