Friday, 8 July 2011


200th post. Fook me o.o 
Anyway, not intentionally meaning to mark the number but I'm doing something a bit different this blog. My friend Andy (HAI ANDY) is a really good photographer and he wanted me to write a poem on one of his photos because he's vain and what not.  
   I'm sure my hundreds of followers..... awkward cough..... will make a difference to his number of views. Well, or not. Anyway, I'm happy to attempt it :') 

Poem and picture have the same title by the way. 

He stared into the light
but got trapped in the dark
his wings were stuck 
unable to make so much 
as an arc.

Gentle eyes looked on
with deep, beating pity
thinking that if free
it could of been so much more
than pretty. 

With gentle hands
ready to free 
the dark become light
the moth spread it's wings
and took its flight. 

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