Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Happy Place

So I saw NeverShoutNever yesterday. I've loved his music for 2 years and it was incredibly wonderful to see him and meet him afterwards. I don't mean to sound like a pre teen fan girl but really, he does inspire me to try and be my own person. 

I found my happy place
I can go there
and no one can take it away 
It's hidden under the blanket
that covers my brain in darkness
there it is
glowing in perfection

Street lamp lit alley 
heavy bass and drums
 in the background
fans, who understand
and the reason we're all there
in the first place
top it off with a simple signature
done with a smiley face.

All it takes is a song
and I'm there
troubles forgotten 
in that shining moment
when a dream
became real. 

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